Boken-sha (冒険者) translates to Adventurer. We believe that the of karate is not only a journey, but also an adventure. Having karate adventures is at the core of what we do, so developing a dogi that facilitates these adventures along ‘the way’ is our mission… We hope we can play a part in your karate adventure.

Created using knowledge gained from many years in the martial arts world, the Boken-sha dogi brings a new level of quality and comfort to karate suits. It has been made using a special, double-woven fabric, which has been created specifically for Boken-sha. This fabric is made from a cotton/poly blend. Light in weight, the Boken-sha dogi is crisp on the outside giving it a smart sharp appearance, but has a beautifully peached finish on the inside, giving added comfort to the wearer during all aspects of their training.

We have also added a moisture wicking system which draws sweat away from the body once again ensuring that the wearer remains dry and comfortable during the tougher training sessions.

The adjustable waist band on the trousers, with its reinforced belt loops for enhanced durability, again offers the wearer the maximum comfort possible. 

The Boken-sha dogi comes in all sizes, ranging from a size 2 (140cm – 145cm) all the way up to size 7.5 (195cm – 200cm), and is packaged in a handy kit bag, ready for your next adventure.

The Boken-sha dogi